The Weekenders and Recess were such great shows growing up. It put a group of ordinary kids who lived ordinary lives and did ordinary things, unlike Pokémon, Power Rangers, Sailor Moon, or any other show that had elements of magic or travel (at illogical ages). Both The Weekenders and Recess were not only more realistic but made “ordinary” so much more appealing because their viewers (or at least I) could see myself having the same mundane (yet desired) adventures. I could believe the characters and I wanted what they had, especially with a group of four or five others who could share the same experience and antics together. I didn’t have this growing up but am so glad that I finally did during my study abroad program.

Studying abroad was an adventure of travel and culture that I am so glad the exchange students and I had, together. Korean culture in particular is so different with our own cultures so it’s funny that I can recall the times where we thought were so lost, confused, or screwed the most.


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